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An Experience of a Lifetime

The Atara Catering´ is known to deliver the finest experiences with delicious food, impeccable staff, and focus on overall event design. The team works with you in these areas down to the last detail to ensure that the offering is tailored to fit your special events in Gurugram. It delivers across NCR.

´Small is beautiful´ – mastered to cater small and exclusive events - it could be a board meeting, an office event, a luncheon or dinner at your residence. The team is specially trained to operate with a high degree of sensitivity towards hygiene and aesthetics. We care about customisation and like to cater for the event the way the host would want it. We place special attention on personalisation and service. The menu is diverse encompassing but not limited to Indian, continental, oriental, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines.

Atara Catering specialises in designing themed menus specific to the occasion and is attentive to special eating needs such as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and allergy-related issues. We focus on letting the host enjoy their event, while taking care of everything and leaving the kitchen even better than the way we found it - spick and span!

We know the small details matter, and that is why Atara Catering in Gurugram is your go-to option for personalised, intricate and exclusive events!

Awards & Recognition

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MV HT Hall Of Fame